Monday, August 7, 2017

Aug-Sept 2017 "Beautiful Butterflies is now closed

The Aug-Sept 2017 "Beautiful Butterflies" swap is now closed.
Can you please make 6 ATC's, keep one for yourself and send
the other 5 to me for swapping on or before Friday 15 September.
Thanks for playing along :)

1.   Vicky               Completed/Received
2.   Mazz               Posted/Received
3.   Vanessa          Posted/Received
4.   Lyn                 Lost in the post
5.   Janet               Posted/Received
6.   Catherine        Posted/Received

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug-Sept 2017 'Beautiful Butterflies' ATC Swap

Well can you believe that this will be the second last swap for 2017.
Where does the time go.
As this swap will go into the first month of Spring the theme for this swap is:

Beautiful Butterflies
Feel free to interpret the Beautiful Butterflies theme any way you like but your ATC
must include:

A Butterfly or Butterflies

        1. Australian papercrafters are encouraged to participate in the ATC swap.
        2. If you commit to the swap please, out of consideration for all the
            participants meet the set guidelines.
        3. To participate, write a comment to add your name to the list of participants
            below and I will email my you my address details.
        4. Post your ATC's and a stamped self addressed envelope to me on or by
            the posting deadline (see 7 below). I recommend that you put your ATC's
            into a 9 pocket plastic sleeve to protect them from bad weather.

Deadline dates:
        5. Registration list for the swap opens Tuesday 1 August and closes
            Sunday 6 August.
        6. To register to participate please leave a comment before the closing date.
            I will then confirm the number of ATC's needed to be made for the current swap.
        7. Swaps must be in the mail to me by no later than Friday 15 September (as mail can
            take a business week to arrive to me depending upon where you are located) and I
            should receive them all by Friday 22 September at the latest.
        8. I will post swaps received on Monday 25 September at the latest so you should
            receive your ATC's shortly thereafter.

Participation governance:
            ATC swap numbers will be limited to ten people per swap.
            Founding members have automatic entry into each swap (but still need to
            confirm their participation for each swap)
            With the exception of founding members, participants will be eligible to take
            part on a 'first in' registration basis.
I do hope you will participate - any questions feel free to leave a comment.

What's an ATC?
An ATC is the acronym for Artist Trading Card.
For anyone new to ATC's it's a small piece of original work that measures 2.5" x 3.5".
There are no right or wrong way to create an ATC - you just have need to stick to the
measurements and the rest is up to your imagination.