Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aug-Sept 2015 Bokeh Bouquet Swap is now closed

The Bokeh Bouquet August-September 2015 swap is now closed.

Can you please make 8 ATCs, keep one for yourself and send the other 7 to me for swapping on or before 18 September. Thanks for joining in.:)

1. Angela     Completed/Received
2. Vicky          Posted / Received
3. Lizzy            Posted / Received
4. Julie             Posted / Received
5. Michele       Posted / Received
6. Lyn             Posted / Received
7. Mazz           Posted / Received
8. Catherine    Posted / Received


  1. Well, this is a first!! I've finished my eight Bokeh Bouquets before anyone else has commented!! I'm SO organised this month LOL!!
    Just waiting on the postie to deliver some new sleeves from Darkroom Door (hopefully on Monday or Tuesday) and then I'll be popping them into the post. :)

  2. Woohoo Michele - look forward to receiving your creations.

    Julie - I received your gorgeous ATCs yesterday thank you. :)

  3. I've made a start on the background - who else is getting inky this weekend?

    1. Not over the busy, busy weekend...but this afternoon is looking promising ;). Posted for real now by the way :D

  4. I've been inky for days !!! LOL :)

  5. Thanks for letting me know about posting your ATCs Michele & Catherine. :) And yes I'm with you Vicky - I still haven't quiet gotten rid of all the ink from my hands two days later (the nail brush can't quite reach every spot under my nails). :)

  6. Mine will be in the mail first thing Monday. Sorry I missed todays clearance.

  7. Thanks for letting me know Lyn - still plenty of time before the deadline.

    I've received gorgeous ATCs from Michele, Lizzy & Catherine - thanks so much. :)

  8. I finished getting inky today and completed my ATCs.

  9. Thanks for your terrific ATCs Vicky & Mazz :)

  10. Hi Ladies - all the ATCs have been received, packaged up and put into the mail today. Thanks so much for playing along. :)