Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct-Nov 2015 Bottle Blonde Swap is now closed

The Bottle Blonde October-November 2015 swap is now closed.

Can you please make 7 ATCs, keep one for yourself and send the other 6 to me for swapping on or before 20 November. Thanks for joining in.:)

1. Angela    Completed/Received
2. Julie           Posted / Received
3. Lyn            Posted / Received
4. Michele     Posted / Received
5. Mazz         Posted / Received
6. Vicky        Posted / Received
7. Catherine  Posted / Received


  1. Thanks Julie - your gorgeous ATCs arrive today :).

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  3. Catherine, Michele & Vicky - all your fabulous ATCs arrived safe & sound today. Thankyou! :)

  4. Thanks ladies, all ATCs have been received. I'll get them sorted tomorrow and into the post on Friday. Thanks so much for participating. All the very best to you for Christmas/New Year and we'll be back late January to start again in February. See you next year! :)

  5. All ATCs have been posted today so you should get your happy mail early next week. Some of you will notice that I've changed the packaging of your ATCs - I'd like to give this a try for next year please as it's so much easier than dealing with all the variations I get. It will also save you money by recycling the plastic sheet each swap instead of having to provide individual ATC sleeves. Julie & Lyn - I've adopted your idea so thanks. :)

  6. Hi Ladies, I received my 'happy mail' today. Yet another beautiful group of little cards. I cannot believe that we are at the end of another year - well almost - thank you Angela for co-ordinating all the wonderful swaps. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and look for to seeing you all back here in 2016 xxx

  7. Received my returns today. Thank you all for some really great cards and diverse interpretations. I look forward to swapping another year.
    Happy Christmas everyone