Monday, August 8, 2016

Aug - Sept 2016 "Alice in Wonderland" Swap is now closed.

The "Alice in Wonderland" Aug - Sept 2016 swap is now closed.
Can you please make 4 ATC's, keep one for
yourself and send the other 3 to me for swapping
on or before Friday September 9.
Thanks for joining in.

1.   Vicky          Completed/Received
2.   Michele       Posted/Received
3.   Catherine    Posted/Received
4.   Chris       


  1. What a perfect day today for making ATC's!! Raining, cold and every excuse to stay indoors and play.
    So - just putting the finishing touches on mine.... should be postable by Friday :D

  2. Thursday .... posted mine today

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  4. Catherine & Michele your ATC's are gorgeous. :)