Monday, October 9, 2017

Oct - Nov 2017 Aussie Christmas Swap is now closed

The Oct - Nov 2017 Aussie Christmas Swap is now closed
Can you please make 5 ATC's, keep one for yourself and
send the other 4 to me for swapping on or before
Friday 24 November
Thanks for joining in :)

1.   Vicky              Completed/Received
2.   Vanessa         Posted/Received
3.   Michele          Posted/Received
4.   Lyn                 Posted/Received
5.   Catherine       Posted/Received


  1. My act's went into the post today. :)

  2. Received Catherine's gorgeous ATC's last week. Can not wait to see yours Vanessa. I am hoping to have mine finished by the end of today :)

  3. I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas again so soon!!
    I'm getting a bit of glitter on and should post by the end of the week :)

  4. Received Vanessa's very cute ATC's today. Look forward to seeing yours Michele. There have already been some great ideas. :)

  5. Mine were posted this morning. Hope they're OK :)

  6. Michele I have no doubt they will be OK :)

  7. Have posted today. Hope you receive this lot, and not go astray like last time.

  8. We will keep our fingers crossed Lyn :)

  9. Received Michele's gorgeous ATC's today. :)

  10. Lyn I received your beautiful ATC's today. YAY!! I will be posting out the ATC's tomorrow. They are another amazing set of ATC's.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the 2017 swaps. There have been some fantastic swap cards.
    Also I would like to wish you all a very Merry and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing each one of you back for another year of ATC swapping in 2018 xx

  11. Hi Vicky, thank you so much for your time and energy in organising the swaps, coming up with the themes and posting out. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas to you and everyone. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. xo

  12. Thank you Vicky, Vanessa, michele and Lyn for your received Christmas ATCs
    May you all enjoy the blessings of the season.
    I look forward to swapping with you all next year.

  13. My atc's arrived yesterday. They are fabulous! :)