Monday, June 3, 2013

June-July 2013 ATC swap is now closed

Hi Ladies,

The swap is now closed to new participants.

Can you please make 4 ATCs, keep one and post the other 3 to me by the deadline.

Just a reminder that the criteria can be found here.

Thanks for playing along!

Posted/Received list

Anne-Marie:   Posted / Received  [I love them A-M :-)]
Vicky:             Posted /  Received [Gorgeous Vicky & "great minds think alike" lol]  
Angela:           Completed/ Received.
Michele:          Posted / Received [Beautiful Michele]


  1. Thanks Angela, I will start working on this after this weekend when I am having a big sale of craft supplies. My craft room is set up like a shop so I can do any of my own crafting at the moment.

  2. I hope your craft sale's going well Anne-Marie. :)

    I made a start on my ATCs today. Finished my 'sample' (i.e. the dodgy one I keep for myself LOL) and have got everything prepared & ready to start the other three next weekend.

    The cold weather has certainly settled in here - it's perfect crafting weather. Pity that work and housework interferes with my crafting time ;-).

  3. I finished my cards yesterday. Long weekend here so got stuck into them. Hope you are going to like them.
    Good on you Anne-Marie for selling off your goodies. I look at my craft room and think - OMG! - where would I start !!

  4. Hi Anne-Marie,
    Thanks for your note enclosed in with your ATCs which I received today. So glad you were able to join in before your crafting supplies get sold off or packed up for your move. Loved your ATCs and I'm sure Vicky & Michele will too! :-)

  5. Thanks Vicky for your ATCs - loved them and we obvious had some ESP going on this swap lol. ;-)

    Added the final touches to mine today as they've been sitting 99% complete for a couple of weeks, but work has been super busy lately and 'life' was a hold until this weekend. So pleased to have them finished.

  6. Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten....struggling with drying time in this constant wet and ruining many pieces of acetate LOL!! Just this morning I have ruined another two *sigh* :D

  7. Thanks for the update Michele - hopefully the weather will be kinder to you soon. ;-)

  8. Posted yesterday :)Hope they get there fast.

  9. Thanks Michele - I'll look out for them Monday :)))

  10. Michele, your ATCs arrived today and they are beautiful :).

    I'll be packaging them up and putting them in the post tomorrow - so your happy mail should arrive soon.

    Thanks for playing along :)