Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb - Mar 2018 'Chinese New Year' is now closed

The Feb - Mar 2018 'Chinese New Year' is now closed.

Can you please make 4 ATC's, keep one for
yourself and send the other 3 to me for
swapping on or before Friday 16 March

Thanks for joining in. :)
1.   Vicky               Completed/Received
2.   Mazz               Posted/Received
3.   Vanessa         Posted/ Received
4.   Catherine        Posted/Received


  1. mailed mine yesterday Vicky ... looking forward to seeing the surprises when I get home from holidays xxx

  2. Wow Mazz - I had better get a move on. Can't wait to see what you have created :)

  3. !beaten by Mazz... mine in post today,
    Vicky I've changed my email address & due to a small glitz unable to send or receive until rectified

  4. We all got caught out by Mazz ! I received her lovely ATC's today. No problem with the email. I'll wait to hear from you.

  5. Received your gorgeous ATC's today Catherine :)

  6. I posted mine today. Our internet is back up, not sure for how long, but it's nice to be back on.

  7. Great to hear your internet is working Vanessa.
    Looks like we are all going to have an early Easter present. Can't wait to post out the ATC's - they amazing as usual :)

  8. I received Vanessa's amazing ATC's today so I will be posting all your lovely surprises on Monday.
    Great work ladies as usual. Thanks for joining this swap. :)

  9. Girls, thank you for your Chinese ATCs received today.Vanessa is yours hand drawn ? They all depict the festivity very well.

  10. Hi Catherine, yes the dragons are hand drawn. I have been wanting to learn to draw dragons for some time now so this swap was the perfect opportunity. I got onto youtube and watched Lyn Stone creating hers. It didn't come as easily as she made it look, but after practicing (a lot) I am happy with the result. I hope you like him.

  11. WOW Vanessa you are so talented :)