Sunday, March 11, 2018

Feb - Mar 2018 "Chinese New Year" Swap

Here are the groups Feb/Mar ATC "Chinese New Year" themed swaps.
It was an open criteria and the group did an awesome job of interpreting
the theme.
Thanks for joining in this swap :)


  1. These cards are fabulous, ladies. I look forward to adding them to my collection. :)

  2. My cards arrived yesterday and they are indeed fabulous. Vicky, how did you get that raised part in the dragon head? I love his little felt tongue and the added jewels. Catherine, I love your golden dog and the decorative panel down the side. Is that an embossed stamp? The font is fabulous too. Mazz, I adore the detail you added into yours, especially the gold braid at the bottom. xo

    1. Yes Vanessa, I've found that particular stamp quite effective as a trim. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Vanessa I used a product called Snow-Tex to get the raised effect on the dragon's head. If you want it to sparkle add a tiny bit of water to some tacky glue to make it thinner, paint it on carefully to the snow-tex after it has dried - I left mine overnight - and sprinkle on crystal snow and then shake off the excess.

  4. Thanks for the info, Vicky. Snow-Tex really creates a great effect. Versatile, too. :)